Rehearse The Armed Man – Sopranos

Image of a field of poppies and a white dove

Composer: Karl Jenkins

Voice type: Soprano

Please click on your voice part to see your Armed Man rehearsal files. Your voice part will be enhanced, and you will hear other voice parts in the background to help you.

Rehearse The Armed Man - Sopranos
1 Armed Man – Soprano
3 Kyrie – Soprano
5 Sanctus – Soprano
6 Hymn Before Action – Soprano
7 Charge – Soprano
8 Angry Flames – Soprano
9 Torches – Soprano
10 Agnus Dei – Soprano
12 Benedictus – Soprano
13a Better is Peace – Soprano
13b Ring, Ring – Soprano
13c God Shall Wipe Away – First Soprano
13c God Shal Wipe Away – Second Soprano