Membership Policy (Terms & Conditions)

1. Subscriptions

Members are expected to pay the required subscription by bank transfer, cheque or cash. 

A pay-as-you go option is available, on request to the Membership Secretary. 

Subscriptions should be paid as soon as the term commences, with final deadlines per term: 31st October for the Autumn Term, 29th February for the Spring Term and 31st May for the Summer Term. 

All information regarding any subscriptions is treated confidentially and with respect.

A concessionary 50% rate is available when: 

  • members are on state benefits or receiving supplements to raise their income to the state minimum. 
  • members are only receiving a state pension. 
  • members are students in full-time education.
  • members are self-employed but have an income equivalent to state benefits or less.

Members eligible for a concessionary rate should apply in writing to the Committee, who will liaise with the individual directly and ask for proof of the above. The concessionary status of a member is known by only members of the Committee. Members on reduced subs must inform the Membership Secretary if their circumstances change and they become eligible to pay the full amount. Members owing more than one term’s subscription without prior approval may be denied access to the web resources, email list and participation in performances. 

2. Attendance

The Membership Secretary will keep a record of attendance. 

Members should inform the Membership Secretary about absences. 

Members of the Choir who wish to perform in Chorus shows are expected to attend at least 75% of weekly rehearsals within the season in order to perform in the show.

Members with poor attendance, or who fail to achieve performance standard, may be asked, (following consultation with the M.D. and Membership secretary) not to perform. 

3. Conduct 

One of the aims of the Choir is to promote tolerance and diversity and members are expected to be friendly and tolerant and adhere to the Shoreham Oratorio Choir Equal Opportunities Policy. 

Members are expected to show mutual respect and tolerance in all communications. 

4. Complaints

If you have any complaints about actions of members of the Choir or committee, you should seek further information from the Shoreham Oratorio Complaints Policy. This policy will be reviewed by the Shoreham Oratorio Choir Committee on an annual basis.

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